Please note, I update my site constantly. The dates below are just the things I consider 'newsworthy' hehe. So don't worry about seeing a date and thinking "Wow it has been a while since an update!" In fact, each page has its own Last Updated date at the very bottom.
February 12, 2011 New: DC Legacy, Dawn 20th Anniversary (both Comic)
January 14, 2011 Ok - I promise I will try to do better on emails. I'm going to start getting back up to date on my site and my collection now.
June 6, 2009

Marking my triumphant return (to updating my site) with G-Taste news. I FINALLY completed my Selected Visual Card set (Toranoana 2001) - at least the commons anyway. I took me the better part of 8 years to do it!!!

So with that said, I've updated my G-Taste sections and also added a Bible Black section. Both of those are on the Anime page.

I have a lot more updating to do yet, but it's a start.

January 20, 2007 Update: Lots of new World of Warcraft TCG cards! (Gaming)
December 28, 2006 New: World of Warcraft TCG (Gaming)
December 17, 2006

Wow, too lazy to update my site lately. :(

New: Godzilla, King of the Monsters (TV/Movies), Star Trek TOS 40th Anniversary (Star Trek)

Updated: TSR 1993 Ruby Border (AD&D) - Almost done!!!, G-Taste: Costume Play Wonderland (Anime), Babylon 5: Season 5 (Sci-Fi)

October 18, 2006

New: Army of Darkness (TV/Movies), Decipher ST:CCG Dangerous Missions, To Boldly Go

Getting REALLY close on the TSR 1993 Ruby Border cards. Keep up the trades!

September 27, 2006 Updated: LOTS of new Aika cards (Anime)
August 17, 2006 New: Langrisser I, II, III & III, IV (Anime)
August 14, 2006 New: To Heart (Anime). Update: Large G-Taste (Anime, sort of) update! Got in a lot of great cards!!
July 29, 2006 New: Battlestar Galactica CCG (Gaming)
June 24, 2006 Figures, finally do an update and I have to do another one the next day! New: Star Trek 40th Anniversary (Star Trek)
June 23, 2006 I've been REALLY bad! I've been modifying my pages, but not uploading them! So let me see if I can recap the major changes.

New: Firefly Complete Collections (Sci-Fi), Battlestar Galactica Season 1 (Sci-Fi), Neon Genesis Evangelion Vending (Anime), Record of Lodoss War (Anime).

Updated: TSR 1993 Ruby Border (AD&D).

Upcoming: Star Trek 40th Anniversary (Star Trek), Battlestar Galactica CCG (Gaming)
February 26, 2006 New: James Bond: Dangerous Liasons and Definitive Avengers: Series 2 (TV/Movies), Dawn: 15th Anniversary (Comic), G-Taste: Cosplay Wonderland (Anime ... sorta)
January 21, 2006 New: Ai Yori Aoshi, School Rumble, Costume Players (Anime). Update: Syusaku (Anime)
January 5, 2006 New: Wicked Series 1, Wicked Series 2 (Adult)
December 22, 2005 Large update to Anime section. Added listings for Mai Hime, Pia Carrot, Pia Carrot 2 DX, Syusaku, and Those Who Hunt Elves II. Also updated a few other listings.
December 20, 2005 New: Neon Genesis Evangelion PP2 (Anime)
December 19, 2005 HUGE progress on the G-Taste cards!!! (Anime) Take a look ... and trade me more!
November 27, 2005 New: Star Trek TOS: Art & Images (Star Trek). New: World of US Manga Corps (Anime). Updated: Serenity (Science Fiction). Check back in the next few days as I will be getting in quite a few Anime cards!
October 19, 2005 Just got in the first of 3 "lots" of TSR AD&D 1993 cards - yes - Rubies! I'll get the next two lots over the next couple of days so check back to see if we can work some trades. Getting really close to finishing that set!
October 16, 2005 Finally got a few G-Taste cards! Still seeking more!! (Anime)
October 11, 2005 New: Serenity (Science Fiction)
October 8, 2005 Just found a great book on eBay called Gals Character Card Collection. It's sort of like a Non-Sport Update for a small subset of Japanese Anime cards. Now what I would REALLY like is if anyone can clue me in as to whether there exists a more extensive list of Japanese Anime Cards. Doen't matter to me if it is a book, a magazine, or anything else - I just need a comprehensive list of what the sets are - and more importantly, the makeup of each set! Thanks!
September 11, 2005 Site Update! I've added a message board, which I hope we can use to discuss feedback for my site, talk about card sets and companies, and generally chit-chat about card trading! Post and enjoy!
September 11, 2005 Since I can't easily sell items directly through my site (ie no credit cards and what-not), I've created an eBay store where I hope to keep my extra sets, inserts, sell sheets, etc. Trades will obviously still be handled via e-mail and so forth, but my hope is that by making it easier to buy - I'll sell more.

I suppose its also worth mentioning that since items won't sell at actual NSU book prices on eBay - I should point out that they are listed for lower than what I have them here for! (Approx 60% less!) Please check it out!

Note that I am still in the process of listing everything, so there may be a delay before I have all my sets on my Sets page up for sale. Should be a SHORT delay though.
September 10, 2005 New: Onegai Teacher (Anime), Clyde Caldwell (Fantasy), Major update: Love Hina (Anime)
August 23, 2005 Added a few more items to my Anime page, mostly from single packs, and some set place-holders: Cowboy Bebob, Aika, You're Under Arrest, Variable Geo
August 21, 2005 Added several sets to my Anime page: El-Hazard, Love Hina, Cowboy Bebop, and Noir.
July 20, 2005 New: Masters of Japanimation (Anime)
July 11, 2005 New: Shirow Masamune Ghost in the Shell Manmachine Interface Koukaku Kidoutai (Anime), Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (Anime)
July 8, 2005 New: Masters of Japanese Animation 1: Robot Carnival (Anime)
June 29, 2005 New: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime)
June 24, 2005 New: Enterprise Season 4 (Star Trek)
June 1, 2005 New: Ghost in the Shell - 1997 Cardass Masters (Anime)
May 30, 2005 New: Shirow Masamune (Anime) cards - sets 1-3. Also broke Anime cards out onto their own page.
May 17, 2005 New: Premiere Battlestar Galactica (Science Fiction)
May 17, 2005 New: ST:CCG Strange New Worlds
May 7, 2005 New: Slayers Try Perfect Collection (Anime)
April 23, 2005 Seeking Japanese G-Taste cards! Right now I have none, but I really want this set. Might be two series of them. If anyone has any to trade or sell - let me know! I have it listed under my Anime section (TV/Movies) even though I don't actually have any yet. :)
April 8, 2005 New: The Quotable Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek)
February 12, 2005 Removed the e-mail addresses from my Good Trader pages. The original intent was so that the prospective trader could contact those folks in order to ask them how the trade went. Considering that my personal e-mail address was mined by spammers to flood my mailbox with spam - mostly the disgusting kind - I can only assume the same probably happened to them. And for that, I apologize. The damage that has been done, is done. But at least without the addresses, no new harm can come from it.
January 14, 2005 New: Alias Season 3 (TV / Movies)
January 10, 2005 New: Star Trek CCG: Reflections 2.0
January 4, 2004 On a roll! I just added a Master List to my site. The purpose is to display an alphabetical list of all my sets / series so that you can more easily see if I even collect something (and where I put it)
December 30, 2003 From here and there I have ended up with several sell sheets - so I've decided to add a page to list them! You can find the page listed on the left below Sets and Promos. Enjoy!
October 23, 2003 Added a lot of new cards recently. Among others, I've added Charmed, Alias, Buffy, and Angel sections. I trade cards all the time - don't have to wait for an update like this to look for new items!
June 15, 2003

Changing over to the new site navigation method today. I like it, and no one has said they hated it. Then again, no idea if anyone tried it. =D

The Next NewThing (tm) that I am testing out is a better way to display pages. I am breaking apart each series by set, and including the "Haves" and "Needs" header with each one. It should hopefully reduce the confusion over which cards I have available for trade, and which I am looking for myself. I know I have disappointed a few people when they thought I had cards for trade that were really ones I needed. Moving the headers to each set should help.

The first page I have done is my Pinup Art page. Give it a looksee and let me know if something is amiss.

May 25, 2003

In my never-ending search for the best navigation method for my site, I have begun experimenting again. I've recreated this main page using the new method.

The Non-Sports section has the bookmarks set so that as you go down the menu you can go to each main section on the page. The Gaming section only takes you to the page so far, but I'll change it over soon.

Please - check out the new method. I really would like to know if it's as big an improvement as I think it is!

May 22, 2003

Well, I finally saw my first episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hahah good stuff! What this means to you all is that I have started collecting it! Better late than never.

Since I am very late, and very poor, this also means that I am looking to do a LOT of trading for Buffy cards. I'll trade for whole lots - including duplicates - if I can get cards I don't have.

Buffy is listed under TV/Movies.

Jan 3, 2003

Finally re-did the site navigation using simple Flash and I also formatted the Gaming Card pages the same way as the Non-Sports ones. I also moved a few items around to re-categorize them (Olivia went to Pinup, and the two Fantasy art pages were combined - with the pinup items moved out).
I don't know yet if this is the final final final version, but I think it's closer. I'm trying to tie everything together under one format and style. Feel free to e-mail any comments or suggestions you might have!

Sept 16, 2001 Experimenting with a new way to display items in the hopes of making things more clear.
Please check out my Olivia cards to take a look. E-Mail me with your thoughts - should I redo the whole site?
Sept 3, 2001 Moved everything over to the new Domain. Should be much easier to remember now!

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