Master List

This is what I am calling my Master List. This is an alphabetical list of all my Non-Sport sets/series, and then what section you will find it listed under. Should help you find out a) if I even collect a certain series or set, and b) where my devious little mind decided to catagorize it!
You'll no doubt note that these are not links. I'm not going to go to the trouble of trying to keep links updated when you can just look at the section, and then click on it on the left. Hope you don't mind. =)
With only a few exceptions, I am always looking for sets that are similar to the ones you see for each series. Let me know!
 New items are marked in this blue color (not a link)


Set/Series Name Section
Achilleos, Chris Fantasy Art
Alias TV / Movies
Animal Mystic Comic
Avengelyne Comic
Avengers TV / Movies
Babylon 5 Science Fiction
Battlestar Galactica Science Fiction
Bell, Julie Fantasy Art
Berkey, John Fantasy Art
Bill Nye, the Science Guy TV / Movies
Bloom County - Outland Comic
Boris Fantasy Art
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV / Movies
Chadwick, Paul Fantasy Art
Charmed TV / Movies
Cleavenger, Dorian Fantasy Art
Comic Images Compilations Fantasy Art
Corben, Richard Fantasy Art
Cutey Honey TV / Movies
Dawn (Joseph Michael Linsner) Comic
Dune Science Fiction
Dungeons & Dragons AD&D / TSR
Elmore, Larry Fantasy Art
Gen13 Comic
Ghost in the Shell TV / Movies
Gilligan's Island TV / Movies
Godzilla TV / Movies
Hildebrandts (Greg / Tim) Fantasy Art
James Bond TV / Movies
Janesko, Jennifer Pin-up Art
Jones, Jeffrey Fantasy Art
Kelly, Ken Fantasy Art
Lady Death Comic
Miller, Ron Fantasy Art
Monty Python and the Holy Grail TV / Movies
Olivia Pin-up Art
Page, Bettie Pin-up Art
Paresi, Don Pin-up Art
Reboot TV / Movies
Red Dwarf Science Fiction
Rowena Fantasy Art
Royo, Luis Fantasy Art
Scooby-Doo TV / Movies
Shi Comic
Sirius Gallery Comic
Six Million Dollar Man Science Fiction
Slayers, The TV / Movies
Sorayama Fantasy Art
Space 1999 Science Fiction
Star Trek Star Trek
Star Wars Science Fiction
Stargate Science Fiction
Starship Troopers Science Fiction
Sweet, Darrell K. Fantasy Art
Teddy Girls Pin-up Art
Twilight Zone Science Fiction
Vampires and Vixens Pin-up Art
Vargas Pin-up Art
Whelan, Michael Fantasy Art
Wild Wild West TV / Movies
Witchblade TV / Movies
Woron, Steve Fantasy Art
X-Files Science Fiction
Xena: Warrior Princess TV / Movies