Netrunner Customizable Card Game


Needs Haves
Rare Corp. Genetics - Visionary Acquisition Agenda
  Haunting Inquisition Ice
  Nerve Labrynth  
  Razor Wire  
  City Surveillence Node
  Disinfectanct, Inc  
  Encoder, Inc  
  Fortress Architects  
  Pacifica Regional AI  
  Cry Baby Upgrade
Rare Runner Bodyweight Data Creche Hardware
  Stumble Through Wilderspace Prep
  Al Boon Program
  Bartmoss Memorial Ice Breaker  
  Japanese Water Torture  
  Joan of Arc  
  Self-Modifying Code  
  Coporate Ally Resource
  Silicon Saloon Franchise  
Rare Endless Corridor 1 Corporation
  Tokyo-Chiba Infighting 1  
  Arasaka Owns You 1 Runner
  Code Viral Cache 1  
  Desperate Competitor 2  
Uncommon Ask - I probably have it    
Common Ask - I probably have it