Middle Earth Customizable Card Game

Note: I have discovered that I am unable to find any of my Rares for this series. The Commons and Uncommons are still available, but at this time the Rares are not. I am sorry for the trouble.

Needs Haves
The Wizards (Limited)
Rare Mouth of Sauron Hazard
  The One Ring Resource
  Shelob's Lair Site
  Southron Oasis (Replace)  
Fixed Radagast 1 Character
Uncommon Ask - I probably have it    
Common Ask - I probably have it    
The Dragons (Limited)
Rare 2 Thrain II 1 Character
  Bairanax 1 Hazard
  Earcaraxe 1  
  Itangast 1  
  Memories Stolen 1  
  No Escape from My Magic 1  
  Shadow of Mordor 1  
  Scorba 1  
  Song of the Lady 1  
  Were-Worm 2  
  Winds of Wrath 1  
  King Under the Mountain 1 Resource
  Emarald of the Mariner 1  
  Nenselde the Wingild 2  
  Returned Exhiles 1  
  Skin-Changer 3  
Rare 3 Agburanar at Home 3 Hazard
  Bairanax at Home 2  
  Daelomin at Home 3  
  Deftness of Agility 1  
  Earcaraxe at Home 2  
  Exile of Solitude 1  
  Fever of Unrest 2  
  Leucaruth at Home 2  
  Morgul-Rats 2  
  Parsimony of Seclusion 2  
  Passion of Wrath 1  
  Prowess of Age 1  
  Prowess of Might 1  
  Scorba at Home 2  
  Smaug at Home 3  
  Subtlety of Guile 4  
  Velocity of Haste 2  
  Dragon's Hunger 1 Resource
Uncommon Ask - I probably have it    
Common Ask - I probably have it    
Dark Minions (Limited)
Rare 2 Durin's Bane Hazard Creature
  Mithril Item
Rare 1 Spider of the Morlat 1 Creature
Rare 2 Buthrakur the Green 1 Creature
  Umaguar the Pale 1  
  My Precious 1 Hazard
  Aiglos 1 Item
  Phial of Galadriel 1  
  Baduila 1 Minion
  Firiel 1  
  Wormtongue 1  
  Choice of Luthien 1 Resource
  Fate of the Ithil-Stone 1  
  Into the Smoking Cone 1  
  Pass the Doors of Dol Guldur 1  
  The Under-Courts 1 Site
Rare 3 Bring Our Curses Home 1 Hazard
  In the Heart of His Realm 2  
  Like the Crash of Battering Rams 1  
  Long Dark Reach 1  
  Pale Dream-Maker 1  
  The Black Enemy's Wrath 1  
  Tribal Totem 1  
  Gems of Arda 3 Item
  An Unexpected Party 2 Resource
  Balance Between Powers 1  
  Eyes of Mandos 2  
  First of the Order 1  
  Herb-Lore 1  
  Hobbit-Lore 1  
  Hour of Need 2  
  Ordered to Kill 2  
  Out of the Black Sky 1  
  The Hunt 2  
  To Get You Away 1  
  Token of Goodwill 1  
Uncommon Ask - I probably have it    
Common Ask - I probably have it